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How to Get Fit at Home: No Gym Required


Are you tired of not having the time to go to the gym? Not so excited to go for a jog outside? It is time you start exercising at home. This shouldn’t be a temporary solution as it has many advantages that can make your training particularly effective. First of all, you only need half an hour to go to your home gym, exercise, and “get home. ” You can use the time you saved on travel for your hobbies and your work. Second, there is no waiting line to use equipment or the shower, and third – you are home! You can exercise whenever and in whatever setting you like.


What will you need?

A workout mat, good fitness app, and possibly some basic tools are the first things you should get. Most people firstly get a barbell and a couple of dumbbells. They form the basis of complete training. In addition, you could use a power rack, a squat rack, or a squat stand. They offer you the opportunity to put down the barbell if the weight is too high, or you can no longer get it up because you have trained yourself to exertion. In short: it serves as a safety and comfort. But you can also research here other various options for basic equipment.


For the bench press, as you can guess from the name, you will need to get a workout bench. And if you want to do deadlifts, you will need a good mat to stand on. The mat will protect the ground in case the rod comes down a little roughly. Pull-up bars and dip bars are recommended if you want to perform those great exercises in the comfort of your own home.


A good training plan essentially consists of the well-known basic exercises: squats, deadlifts, bench presses, rowing, etc. This also includes weight exercises such as pull-ups or dips. These are exercises that activate a particularly large number of muscle groups and ensure a balanced muscle development. This is a good basic principle for a training plan that applies to both beginners and advanced exercisers.


Where to start?

Here are a couple of exercises that will get you started. These will give you fast results that will keep you inspired to train regularly.


Bulgarian split squat

If you want a strong and muscular body without going to the gym, then start with this exercise. A Bulgarian split squat will hit your quadriceps and gluteus and prepare your metabolism for burning extra fat.


How to do squats

Put your legs at the width of your hips, keep your arms outstretched, and in front of you, your back straight. Slowly lower your body to the floor in the squat without lifting your heels.


So the heels stay glued to the ground, the spine straight, inhale when lowering down, and exhale when going upward. To make this exercise really work for you, take the weight and hold it in your hands between your legs while doing squats. This is an exercise that you can do everywhere. Do this exercise in 3 sets of 10 reps.


Lift your hips

Lay on your back, bend your knees so that your heels touch the floor. Lift your hips, but only your hips so that your body is in a straight line from shoulder to knee. Inhale when you lift your hips, hold your position for a while, and exhale when you lower them. When lifting your hips, you put weights on your pelvis and hold it with your hands so that it doesn’t slip. Repeat this exercise in 3 sets of 10 reps.


You should follow your own plan

You can only train effectively at home with a training plan. A training program helps you to carry out exercises correctly, avoid mistakes, and motivate you to train. You can even include some detox programs in it.


You can concentrate fully on your training and will progress faster than someone who tries it on their own. It is important that you bring a variety to your training so that you don’t get bored at home in the long run.


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