How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Heat

Dog lovers know that your four-legged friends enjoy fresh air and sunshine just as much as you do. But spending time outdoors in the summer can have unfortunate consequences if you’re not careful.

To make sure your dog stays safe in warm weather, heed these simple tips.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated
Monitor your dog’s water bowl and refill it as necessary. On especially hot days, add ice cubes to their bowl.

Don’t Let Your Dog Linger On Hot Asphalt
Their sensitive paw pads can burn, and their bodies can heat up quickly since they’re so close to the ground.

Don’t Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car
An animal’s body temperature can go from normal to deadly in just 15 minutes.

Don’t Assume Your Dog Will Take To Water
Some dogs don’t swim naturally or well.

Don’t Shave Your Dog
Never shave your dog, as the layers of their coat protect them from overheating and sunburn.

Dogs are welcome at these pet friendly apartment communities all year round (asterisks indicate communities with dog parks on site):

College Park* in Columbus, OH
Gateway Lakes Apartments in Grove City, OH
Marina Shores in Virginia Beach, VA
Park on Clairmont in Atlanta, GA
Southern Pine* in Virginia Beach, VA
Springhouse Apartment Homes* in Newport News, VA
The Clarion Apartments in Decatur, GA
The Retreat at Trinity in Trinity, FL
Worthington Meadows Townhomes* in Worthington, OH

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