The Ultimate School Supplies List For College Students

Whether you like it or not, the new school year is coming up fast. For college students, it’s important to come prepared to the first day of class ready to tackle any tasks your professor might throw your way.

Stay ahead of the game by checking out our handy back to school supply shopping list. These 20 common (and some not so common) items are sure to help you survive this school year!

  1. Backpack or Tote Bag
  2. Planner
  3. Highlighters
  4. Index Cards
  5. Pencils
  6. Pens
  7. Headphones
  8. Laptop
  9. Laptop Case
  10. Notebooks
  11. Folders
  12. Post-It Notes
  13. Stapler & Staples
  14. Calculator
  15. Extra Phone Charger
  16. Beverage Tumbler
  17. Flash Drive
  18. Portable Hand Sanitizer
  19. Printing Paper & Ink
  20. Printer

We know space is limited in college dorms and apartments, and so is your budget. Looking for an alternative to buying a printer? These student apartment communities have on-site study rooms and computer labs with free printing services!

Are we forgetting any important back to school supplies for college students? Let us know in the comments below!

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