Organize Your Refrigerator And Save Space, Money

Being thoughtful about what you store in your refrigerator, and where, can help you save space and money. (The cost of spoiled and uneaten food adds up quick!)

Optimize the various storage areas and temperature zones in your fridge with these seven tips:

  • Use that deli drawer, as it’s specially designed to control temperature and humidity. If you don’t have one, store cold cuts in the bottom back of your fridge.
  • Designate a space for leftovers. That way, you know exactly what needs to be eaten in a timely manner. Additionally, store leftovers at eye level so you see them as soon as you open your fridge.

Even if your kitchen has a good amount of storage space, like the apartments at The Lodge on the Trail in West Lafayette, Indiana and South Duff in Ames, Iowa, you’ll probably be tempted to store foods and beverages on top of your fridge. But be careful!

Your fridge’s condenser coil pumps warm air out, which makes the top of it pretty warm. Therefore, it’s a terrible place to store wine or bread; use it for appliances or supplies instead.

Got any other tips for how to organize your refrigerator? Leave them in the comments!

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