10 Game-Changing Tips For Your Next Tailgate

Technically all you need for a tailgate party is food, drinks, and the back of an open vehicle. But if you want to host a tailgate your guests are talking about for seasons to come, you have to step your game up.

Follow these 10 tips to guarantee your next tailgate is terrific:

1. Cook as much food as possible before the festivities— a task that’s much easier in a fully equipped kitchen, like the ones at The Landing in Greenville, North Carolina. Less time grilling means more time socializing.

2. Show up three to four hours before game time to snag a prime parking spot.

3. Freeze water in balloons that are your team’s colors, and use them in place of ice cubes.

4. Cut off the tops of tube socks to make homemade koozies.

5. Keep beverages bug-free with cupcake wrappers. Make a hole for your straw and voila.

6. Heat just one side of the grill. When you close the lid, the cooler side will work as an oven, giving the meat more even heat.

7. Create a chip bowl using the bag they came in. Just fold the top of the bag inside, then roll the bottom corners up into the base of the bag, pushing the chips up as you go.

8. Throw rosemary or sage on charcoals to create a natural mosquito repellant.

9. Fill a six-pack with condiments. The holder makes everything easier to pass along.

10. Tie helium balloons to your truck so partygoers can easily find you.

Hosting a party at your place? (Residents at The Pavilion on 62nd in Gainesville, Florida should consider reserving the community’s clubhouse.)

Many of these tips can be used for any party, not just a tailgate. So get planning!

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