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Moving With Children – Make Moving Easier

Moving with children is an adventure that can test any good intention. Because the transfer is already a delicate moment for a thousand reasons, and when you have to face these difficulties with your little ones, it becomes complex. Whether it’s small or large, it makes no difference: this step needs to be done with extreme care. Children are sensitive to these moments of instability. But you can do a lot to make this change easier for your family.

Make moving an adventure

Every move is a turning point in life, and it will surely disrupt your child’s routine. So let the kids do something you wouldn’t normally let them do. Let them play as they please, buy them the food they like best, or take them to their favorite restaurant. You can even buy them quality fun games – click here for more, and tell them it is their gift for moving to a new home. Be creative and make the move feel like a reward, not a punishment.


Pack a special bag with their favorite toys

Get a small backpack or a travel bag that will be with your child for as long as the move is complete. Children in this bag can hold special items such as dolls, books, or a favorite blanket. It is essential to find toys that children will play with while traveling by car or during the flight by plane (if you are moving to another city or another country).


Pack one box of toys last

Do not make the mistake of packing all the toys first, because you will have a problem. Your child will persistently search for its favorite toy, and you will not be able to find it because it is packed. This situation can drive you crazy.


Prepare your children for what awaits them

Younger children may not have a good understanding of the term “relocation” and what it really means to “move”. Explain to them exactly, in detail, what a move is and what will happen after it. Try to get them a relocation book guide that is customized for their age.


Involve them in packing activities

Let the little ones help you pack, let them pack some of their personal belongings for themselves. Even younger children can separate their toys and help protect the objects by wrapping them. If you plan on not bringing some things into your new home, let the kids decide for themselves what they will leave behind.


Take children’s concerns seriously

Even quite young children are emotionally responsive to relocation, and older children are likely to be much more anxious and have many questions for you. Always treat your children’s feelings with understanding and respect. Even when you are unable to meet all their requirements, listen carefully to them and answer all their questions in detail. Propose some compromise solutions for what you cannot accomplish.


Determine the exact time of your relocation

 If you have the choice, make sure you set the exact relocation time in advance and choose to have it happen at a quieter time in your children’s lives. Be sure to keep their school responsibilities in mind. Also, avoid moving during times of major changes in children, such as learning how to use a potty or changing sleeping hours.


Clearly tick all boxes with children’s items

 In order to spare yourself digging through boxes in search of a toy that your child wants to play with, make sure that you tick the boxes with children’s items. It often won’t be enough to just write “Toys” on the box, so include as many details as possible to help you remember in which box is what.


Reassure your children

 When younger children lose the security provided by the home, they usually become insecure and begin to worry about losing other important things in their lives. Be sure to let them know that you will always be there for them, even in circumstances where you need to change your home and leave old friends. When you move into your new home, some things will need to change. But to keep some of the family rituals your children liked.


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