Underbed Storage Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

Need more room for your stuff?

Even when dressers are provided —like they are in the furnished apartments at 100 Midtown in Atlanta and Cayce Cove in Cayce, South Carolina— storage space can be hard to come by. 

But you may have overlooked a famously underutilized space: the one under your bed.

With a little planning, it can be used quite effectively. Here, we share three clever underbed storage ideas:

Photo: Homepolish
Photo via Homepolish

Wooden Shipping Pallets – great for storing shoes

Photo: Vanilla Joy
Photo: Vanilla Joy

Ikea Shelves – a clever way to create segmented storage

Photo: Lowes
Photo: Lowes

Underbed Drawers – attach wheels to old drawers and voila

Got any unconventional underbed storage ideas? Share in the comments!


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